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Seeing an eye doctor should be part of your annual overall health checkups.  


                        Be proactive.  

       Prevention and early detection:

             the  keys to  maintaining

              your gift of clear vision..

"Why should I get an eye exam?"

Think of it as having a yearly physical... for your eyes!


Even if you don't need glasses or contacts - or think your current ones are doing just fine - your eye exam can reveal any of a host of unknown health issues such as

  • holes or tears in your retina

  • leaking blood vessels

  • degeneration of your macula (central vision area)

  • diabetes

  • pressure damage to your optic nerve

  • and even cancer. 

The problem:  none of the above conditions are painful or noticeable to you until they have progressed to the point where your sight is threatened, potentially irreversibly.

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to make an appointment.

But then not all eye exams are alike...

extensive patient history

  • ocular

  • medical

  • family

  • **nutritional

  • **employment

  • **lifestyle (visual demands)

innovative preliminary testing

  • internal eye pressures

  • peripheral vision

  • color vision

  • **imaging of 10 retina layers

  • **visual aberrations

  • **dark adaptation

detailed professional assessment

  • changes in vision

  • function of all structures inside the eye

  • **early detection of macular degeneration

  • **high-tech scans of retinal tissue

  • **contrast sensitivity

  • **specific at-risk conditions or concerns

**Distinctive Components of our Comprehensive Eye Exam

Your doctor will discuss all findings, diagnoses, prescriptions and recommendations with you.          Remember, being fully informed is vital to optimizing your ocular and overall wellness. 

              We love it when you ask questions and are engaged during your exam!

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