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"Why should I get an eye exam?"

Think of it as having an annual physical... through your eyes!


Even if you don't need glasses or contacts - or think your current ones are doing just fine - your eye exam can reveal any of a host of unknown health issues such as

  • diabetes,

  • high blood pressure

  • degeneration of the macula (central vision area)

  • and even cancer. 

Seeing an eye doctor regularly should be part of your annual overall health checkups.   Be proactive.  Think prevention and early detection.

We see it too many times:..what you don't know CAN hurt you.

But then not all eye exams are alike

**Distinctive Components of our Comprehensive Eye Exam

thorough patient history

  • ocular

  • medical

  • **nutritional

  • family

  • **employment

  • **lifestyle (visual demands)

specific preliminary testing: ​

  • internal eye pressures

  • **visual aberrations

  • peripheral vision

  • color vision

  • **retinal imaging

  • **dark adaptation

       (in persons over age 50).

professional assessment

  • changes in vision

  • **presence of macular degeneration

  • **contrast sensitivity

  • all structures inside the eye

  • **specific at-risk conditions or concerns

to diagnose, prescribe and make recommendations

Your doctor will discuss all findings, diagnoses, prescriptions and recommendations with you.  Remember, being fully informed is vital to optimizing your vision as well as your ocular and overall wellness.  We love it when you ask questions and are engaged during your exam!

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