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We welcome patients who have vision insurance plans.

We  also serve many patients as either an open-access* or out-or-network provider.   

Either way, our staff will assist you in maximizing your benefits. 

Vision Insurance

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We have Open Access*

to these Vision Plans:

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Discount plans


Vision insurance may be an optional coverage under your medical health plan (similar to dental coverage). 

Please verify that you are covered for vision care.


"Open access" means we have the ability to confirm eligibility, check vision benefits and submit the claim as a service to you. Many patients prefer using an open-access provider to obtain quality care from the optometrist of their choice, even though the out-of-pocket cost may be slightly greater.

Insurance eligibility and benefit information given to us by your insurance company is not a guarantee of coverage. 

Any balance is the sole responsibility of the billpayer.

Please invest the time to verify your insurance benefits prior to scheduling your appointment. 

Because of ongoing changes in healthcare, it is important that you understand your coverage benefits and limitations.

Call the number on your card to receive more information directly from your insurance company. 

If you are unsure, we'll do our best to help.

Call us at 770-590-8951 or email your question on our CONTACT page.

Don't see your plan listed here?


Not covered by any of these plans?

Contact us and we will find the best solution for you.  

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